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Mastering the Chevening Scholarship:
Your Guide to Success!

A Comprehensive Guide to Crafting a Winning Chevening Scholarship Application

Who This Course is for


  • International students from over 60 countries who are applying for the Chevening Scholarship

  • Applicants who seeks to learn how to apply to top UK universities and receive top scholarships

  • Applicants who are keen to receive the tools to write their personal statements/Chevening essays

  • Applicants who would like to know how to choose a UK university and plan their budgets

Join us on this transformative journey and unlock the secrets to crafting winning scholarship applications that set you apart from the crowd. Don't miss out on the opportunity to maximize your chances of securing the scholarship of your dreams! Enrol now and pave the way for a bright academic future.

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Course Highlights 

  • Overview of the Chevening scholarship and how to connect your story to Chevening values

  • Getting to know the Alumni Network and how to include it in your application

  • Most common Q&A about the scholarship, deadlines, requirements and more

  • Identify your short and long-term plans and connect them to Chevening values

  • Hands-on sessions and exercises that will help you write your Chevening essays, including special essay templates and examples

  • Choosing referees and how to receive the best recommendation letter

  • Preparing for your Chevening interview-from messaging to body language

  • How to conduct research to choose your UK universities

  • Planning your budget and financials before departure

Embark on this transformative journey today and unlock the doors to an exceptional academic and professional future:

What students say about the course:

Camila Fernandez



"Before I found Primrose Consulting's online course, I felt lost and unsure about my Chevening Scholarship application. The step-by-step guide helped me articulate my aspirations and made the process so much more manageable. The Facebook group with alumni answering my questions was a game changer for me. Before that, I didn't know who to go to. THANK YOU!"


About the founder of Primrose Consulting

My name is Tamir Oren and I am the founder of Primrose Consulting and a Chevening alumni myself. 

Without the Chevening scholarship, I couldn’t study in the UK.

Tuition, living costs, and accommodation were not cheap, and other payments seemed like an impossible barrier to overcome. More than anything, the application process for the scholarship and UK universities looked too complicated to handle.

I am excited to share that with hard work involving over 50 Chevening alumni from 25 countries, we are ready with the first-ever online Chevening course! Together we decided to make Chevening, and UK education, more accessible.

Join us for this journey, ask questions on our Facebook group, engage in our content and exercises, and I promise that this will change your application. Good luck!

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