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Chevening Advanced- UK Applications and Budgeting

  • 90Days
  • 14Steps


In this part we will focus on the second stage of the Chevening application - reference letters and the interview process. In addition, we will give you tools to research and choose the best universities for your academic journey. The course will end with a meticolous budget planning session, with real-life examples and excel sheets you can use TODAY. Course's syllabus: LESSON 8: Unlocking The Art of Powerful References and Recommendations LESSON 9: Conquering The Chevening Interview: Your Gateway to Success LESSON 10: Choosing A UK University – Putting A Finger On What Matters LESSON 11: Budgeting and finances, Let’s Dig Into The Numbers LESSON 12: Final Thoughts From The Team What will you learn? • How to choose referees, guide them and impact your references to boost your application • Excel in your interview - Prepare for the most common questions , practice body language, your messages and how to focus on what matters • Planning your budget and faces financial challenges is crucial - we will discuss how to prepare a budget plan, and how to think of finances during the academic year


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